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Five perfect steeds
5 perfect steeds are waiting for the owner! Purchase a chest and get the most valuable items at huge discount!
Attention! This item has a second attempt!

If you do not like the item you got, you can try to get another one using the second attempt. In this case, you lose the items you got for the first time! If you did not use the second attempt within two minutes, or the browser window was closed, you will automatically obtain the item that you got for the first time.
By opening this you will get one of the following items:
Black stallion whistle (Permanent) (1 pcs.)
Spotted horse whistle (Permanent) (1 pcs.)
Chestnut horse whistle (Permanent) (1 pcs.)
Pinto horse whistle (Permanent) (1 pcs.)
Ash grey stallion whistle (Permanent) (1 pcs.)
Premium account for 31 days (1 pcs.)
Affix randomizer (1 pcs.)
Premium account for 7 days (1 pcs.)
Artisan potion (1 day) (1 pcs.)
Cube of the Nameless (1 pcs.)
Prefix randomizer (1 pcs.)
Crafting experience potion (1 day) (1 pcs.)
Rare duellist's arcanum (1 pcs.)
Rare arcanum of might (1 pcs.)
Rare strong protection potion (1 pcs.)
Rare regeneration potion (1 pcs.)
Rare light step potion (1 pcs.)
Experience potion (1 hour) (1 pcs.)
Suffix randomizer (1 pcs.)
Premium account for 1 day (1 pcs.)
Reinforcement crystal 2nd rank (1 pcs.)
Weapon protection crystal (1 pcs.)
Healing potion (1 pcs.)
Armor protection crystal (1 pcs.)
Potion of wealth (1 pcs.)
Fortune cube (1 pcs.)
Gatherer's potion (1 hour) (1 pcs.)
Loud-speaker (1 pcs.)
Resurrection scroll (1 pcs.)
Group summoning scroll (1 pcs.)
Teleportation stone (2 pcs.)
Banker summoning scroll (3 pcs.)
Potion of amok (7 pcs.)
Elite repair tools (16 pcs.)
0,49 GXP
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Five perfect steeds
for 0,49 GXP

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