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Magic pets
You have a great chance to get a permanent pet! Fox cub, Raccoon or Dragon whelp can become yours! Buy this chest and win a cute and loyal friend and plenty of useful items! You won't be disappointed!
Attention! This item has a second attempt!

If you do not like the item you got, you can try to get another one using the second attempt. In this case, you lose the items you got for the first time! If you did not use the second attempt within two minutes, or the browser window was closed, you will automatically obtain the item that you got for the first time.
By opening this you will get one of the following items:
Obsidian shieldback whistle (1 pcs.)
Raccoon whistle (permanent) (1 pcs.)
Fox cub summon whistle (1 pcs.)
Dragon whelp summoning whistle (permanent) (1 pcs.)
Artisan potion (7 days) (1 pcs.)
Premium account for 7 days (1 pcs.)
Experience potion (4 hours) (1 pcs.)
Experience potion (1 hour) (1 pcs.)
Strong healing potion (1 pcs.)
Reinforcement crystal 2nd rank (1 pcs.)
Weapon protection crystal (1 pcs.)
Armor protection crystal (2 pcs.)
Gatherer's potion (1 hour) (2 pcs.)
Resurrection scroll (2 pcs.)
Teleportation stone (5 pcs.)
Elite repair tools (40 pcs.)
0,99 GXP
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Magic pets
for 0,99 GXP

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